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What Do We Offer?

At Aligned Strength and Conditioning, we offer services to individuals of various ages (10+) and all fitness or activity levels.

Adult Membership: $40/ week

Adult single session: $30

Junior Membership (10<17): $35/week

Junior single session: $25

Bootcamp : per session

$15 (adults) / $12 (juniors) 

Conditioning : per session

$15 (adults) / $12 (juniors)

SPEED : per session

$15 (adults) / $12 (juniors)

Stretch and release: $10 per session

Team strength and conditioning

Educational workshops and presentations

Training Details


Expect improvements in body composition, energy levels, nutrition, general activity levels, pain or discomfort

• Movement-based
• Varied intensities
• General fitness goals
• Tracking of every-day performance variables

Ideal for farmers or labour workers with aches, pains or any sort of movement complaint or restriction

  • Improve your vigour and capacity to perform your day-to-day labour activities
  • Finally, deal with those life long pains once and for all!

Strength & Conditioning

10 < 17 years

Ideal for juniors who want to get the most out of their sports performance, or simply looking to start something new!

  • Development of fundamental movement patterns
  • Programming for long-term development
  • Field-based movement – sprinting and multi-direction
  • Robustness and injury prevention
  • Tracking of day-to-day variables – maintaining balance

Programming for specific outcomes and long-term development

  • Data collection, analysis and monitoring of performance variables
  • High-performance training
  • Movement skills – running and speed mechanics, force production and absorption, change of direction



Find out where you are and how to get to the next big goal!

  • Strength, speed, power, aerobic capacity

  • Functional movement

  • Injury resilience

All ships rise with the tide.

  • Contract Options Available (minimum 5 people)

  • Individualised strength and conditioning programming

  • Team-based sessions

  • Movement skills – running and speed mechanics, force production and absorption, change of direction

  • Data collection, analysis and team management and monitoring

Team Strength & Conditioning